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Our Story


Founded in 2016, Architrave translates the needs and desires of each client into beautiful and timeless spaces spanning comprehensive projects across multiple properties. Led by Moe Draz, Architrave is dedicated to bringing your distinct vision to fruition with classical concepts, coveted access to trade-only custom creations, delightful details, and a signature experience sure to make your house a home. 


Respecting that your home is likely your greatest investment, Architrave is masterful at starting with the conceptual stages of your design and bringing inspiration into being with a cohesive, comprehensive design plan and a smooth execution process certain to maximize both your enjoyment and property value.  


In addition to marrying finesse, elegance and function, Architrave is critical in helping you avoid expensive mistakes and costly change orders as we begin your design process with the end in mind ensuring every nail hammered and tile placed is done so with intention. 



Drawn to neutrals, clean lines and eclectic combinations, Architrave masters the art of curating a customized mixture of both new and old to exceed your expectations. 


Finding the sensational in subtlety, we are renown for fusing textures and materials to create interest, while being careful to respect the narrative told by the space itself.


With a disciplined approach and a refined process, our firm has immense respect for the client experience as well as innovative design. 


From careful listening and thoughtful communication to leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the perfect piece, we appreciate that the best designs stem from earning our clients’ complete confidence and trust. 

Architrave Interior Design - Interior Designer
Our Style
Architrave Interior Design -Moe Draz


Founder, Principal

More than two decades of interior design dedication, exploration and education resulted in Moe establishing Architrave.


His historic preservation degree from the College of Charleston inspired his passion for the architecture and the elegant details of the past, but his background in graphic design provided his appreciation for the efficiency that modern technology can bring to a project.

As the lead interior designer for a 13-designer firm, Moe managed more than 20 extensive custom residential design projects over 10 years with a selection featured in Tuscan Style Magazine, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, Traditional Home and more. 

Before starting Architrave, Moe expanded his luxury interior design experience under the acclaimed designer Amelia Handegan where he managed a project portfolio to include residential and commercial projects spanning the nation. 

In 2016 Moe founded Architrave, the full-service residential interior design firm serving distinguished dwellers across the country.


Today, Moe continues to dedicate his lifelong passion and decades of high-end interior design experience into elevating spaces from the conventional to the extraordinary.

When Moe is not neck deep in designing custom details or commissioning hand-painted wall murals for his clients, he may be found enjoying a glass of rose on the front porch of his downtown Charleston abode with his furbabies, Oliver and Hootie.

Moe Draz
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